The fun is just beginning….

The fear psychosis is setting in pretty rapidly.
With people of Arabic “look”, origins and speech being asked to deplane from flights to pacify other passengers, people being arrested in the name of damage control; I think more wtichhunts are on the way. 
I hope a neo-McCarthyism doesn’t spring up. One era of his was bad enough.
There’s so much of distrust around these days particularly at the sight of a beard or a turban or the sound of a foreign tongue that people have begun to lose their ability to stop and think and just prepare to go into offensive mode.
Why talk of others? There was a time when I have travelled throughout Western India extensively, at all odd times of day and night and never have been overwrought. But last night when I had to travel 5 kms in a rick, I opted to let 2 of them go by just because there were 2 guys including the autodriver. 
Every other day there’s an article in the paper of some woman being found murdered or assaulted when she’s going back home, going to work…anything!
There is no set pattern to even crime anymore. Pretty much everyone digs in and gets their hands dirty.
I mean I’ve been antsy a few times while travelling in autos because the I caught the autoguy staring at me in the mirror. Maybe he just likes to look but it made me wary and feel unsafe.
The solution (if there actually is one) is to not let suspicion get the better of us and make us paranoid and at the same time to pay heed to the frisson of fear and doubt that may creep up. Unless you keep checking to see if someone’s following you or not, then your  inner voice of caution should carry you well in life.
What  a state of things…


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