Pixar people are bar none, geniuses!!
Just came back from seeing CARS!! . That’s right, it took a while to come to Hyd’bad but it did and it was worth the wait. Had taken the mater along and she loved it too.
This movie really cuts across age groups and genuinely makes people sit up in their seats and eagerly wait for the next moment.
You won’t ever feel you are watching inanimate objects in a mere cartoon flick. Randy Newman has again scored an imminently listenable soundtrack and the new rendition of ‘life is a highway’ isn’t bad at all. It isn’t Tom Cochrane, but really not bad at all.
There are parts in the movie where you begin to feel that it isnt animated at all and is actually a live-action one. The characterizations are laugh-out-loud funny and touching at times too.
The gruff judge, the buck-teeth towtruck and the hubba-hubba Porshe and the entire riot of characters just make it worth watching again and again.
I know I’m excitable but this movie induces that “wow-whatta-great-movie-and-total-paisa-vasool” feeling totally!

The best part of Pixar animated films is the short film that preceeds the actual movie. Some of these have gone onto win Oscars as well. And this one is great too!

For those of you who havent seen either yet, go NOW!!