excuses excuses!

but for what i wonder?
sometimes it seems that there are people with entirely too much time on their hands (i’ve been clubbed in that category at times) and they spend a LOT of time scratching their heads and thinking about stuff that’ll cause a dhamaka…ek sansanati leher as it were.
onto the dhamaka, of sorts. today’s TOI carried the news in bold headlines that a lot of the heavyweight miyabhai groups in the city and even their national counterparts have called for a ban on their children singing vande mataram in the city schools.
the logic behind this? apparently our national song promotes the idea of adoring and worshipping our country as a GOD. and since monotheism is the name of the game in islam, anyone who indulges in these kinds of activities is a shikr, a word which apparent means heretic or leaning towards unislamic tendencies and notions.
honestly, of all the things to protest about-
schools coming up like mushrooms and not having playgrounds
capitation fees
overload of studies
peer pressure
inadequate teaching facilities
bad infrastructure (take your pick)

was this the only relevant thing they found to cause brouhaha about? really! get a life!


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