royale indeed!

the good samaritan (GS-pbuh) who’d lent me “interesting” movies to pass time while i played chowkidar at home,had given me one which was a doozy!
it was hailed as being a cross between “a clockwork orange” and “lord of the flies” but i found it to resemble the latter more than the former. btw the movie was “battle royale”. 
the characters are a bunch of schools kids who’re viewed as complete mavericks by their government and to weed out the undesirables they (big brother) launch an exercise which tests their humanity,their psyches and is literally a race to avoid death as the survival of the fittest asserts itself and natural selection finds itself pushed into the corner.
the pace of the film is slick, and there arent any gimmicks to shock a response out of you.
it’s totally in your face.brutal,mayhem and the savagery of human nature exposed with it’s fangs bared!
totally worth a 2nd look and a 3rd!


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