an evening of wah wahs!

last nite was a much touted one becoz sangeet ke duniya ke kucch maharathi swayam padhaarey the in hyd’bad…well, sec’bad if you really wanna split hair.
anyhow, i’d gone thinking that i’d skip the part of pt.jasraj’s songs and straightaway head for sivamani’s recital. instead they put together one of the best ensemble recitals that i’ve ever witnessed.
it was called panchatatva and it comprised of music provided by each one (coming to the musicians a bit later on) and the befitting graphix along with each movement in music.
pt.jasraj, pt.hariprasad chaurasiya (doing the adab se ear touching thing-me i.e), sivamani looking jhango as ever,mandolin srinivas,pt.vijay ghate and uma shankar brought to life Bhoomi,Gagan,Agni,Vaayu aur Need…durga jasraj who was the compere for the evening pointed it out that in hindi if we put these 5 elements together it spells bhagwan. so bhagwan panchtatvo mein samaye huye hain and panchtatvo ke zariye se bhagwaan ka darshan ho sakta hai…yada yada yada.

the audi was full of the political mushtandas with their body guards and their unctuous chamchas but all in all the name of the game was sangeet sadhna and the sadhaks made sure the felicitations didnt take too long…
met the artists afterwards..sivamani was wearing a outfit a la akshay kumar in mohra and he’s got a GRIP! jeez…
nice down to earth people who were very much at ease dealing with the adulation of thousands,”aapko humara gaana achchha laga, yeh hamari achchhi kismat hai…” ityaadi.
the highlight of the evening, the musical sawaal-jawaab between pt.jasraj and mandolin srinivas.
gist of the story-it was zimbly maahvelous daahlings!!!


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