reading between the lines

read something truly appalling in the newspaper( today’s Deccan Chronicle)that the latest potter book whichis being heralded as the “new thing“in reading pleasure for people all across the world has come to us at a very heavy price! an entire jungle to be more precise! thewhole lot of  trees( the dihing-patkai forest of Tinsukhia, India) were mowed down so we could all find out the identity of the 1/2 blood prince! i’m not going to get on a idealistic and highly indignant moralistic high horse but in this day and age when everything boasts the tag of being recycled, to have let an entire forest perish seems just wanton waste!

This thing pretty much left a bad taste in my mouth. just this past weekend i was in a pretty busy neighborhood of hyd’bad and the trees that used to line the streets on both sides were gone and the roads were all dug up and it looked horrid! i mean do we really need all these malls which are going to end up selling the same damn branded clothes and have the same damn eateries, lining up all over the city? why not have some shady spots for a change? some place where one can get away from the cacophony of the entire day?!

i mean social responsibility notwithstanding, doesnt it just make sense of have someting natural abound instead of having a backdrop of concrete as far as the eye can see?


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