educate me!

buenos dias!
i was going through some books last nite and i came across this list of words that i’d written down coz i wanted to look up and find out the exact meaning of.
i’ve been able to find quite a few of them online but can anyone tell me the exact meaning and context in which the phrase- caesar’s wife is used?
and while on the topic of phrases, check out jacob’s ladder the movie. tim robbins proves his quiet intensity belies his ability to really get into the skin of the person he’s portraying. whether it’s in the shawshak redemption, mystic river where he’s played a persona’s who is in essence a brooding personality with many many layers or in lighter movies( none of who’s names i can remember btw), he’s really BEEN the character he’s portrayed on screen.
ok i will stop acting like the president of the tim robbins’ fan club for now.ciao!

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