1st concert in hyd

I’ve not gone to many concerts (classical music not included) and I was doubly enthu about the one last night becoz it was the 1st one in Hyderabad and this is how it was-
Chaotic, PYTs (who were DUMB), jocks and wannabes of all types. But it was fun in it’s own way. I was with a bunch of guys who were alumnis of the college where the concert was being held and they were deep into nostalgia mode. I was collecting material on the variety of namoonas on display to mimic at a later date.
The line-up was impressive considering they brought in semi to actual heavyweights in the current indian music scene.
DJ Suketu, Karunya and JAL. Also on display was a considerable wealth of extremely talented local rockers who really brought down the house!
I wish more events of this sort would take place in Hyd’bad from now onwards. Each time someone halfway decent comes to perform it’s only at Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore. 
We have no dearth of enthupatakis in the Biriyani City :o)


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