There Are Lines…

Indeed there are. There are fine lines too, the ones which aren’t demarcated with thick, bold colors-whether actual or virtual and then there are the F-I-N-E lines. Whatever be their shape or width;you generally don’t cross them.

The deal with the lines is this, it denotes the start of something that may or may not be sustainable in the long run if one does venture into that kind of situation and it can also result in breakages; the kind that aren’t physical or actual but broken nonetheless.

People draw lines around them to safeguard aspects of their lives which are either off-limits to all and sundry or which are a particularly difficult can of worms and should preferably not be opened. Because worms as we know are slippery little devils and it’s tough to stuff a bunch of wrigglers into confined spaces once they’ve tasted freedom.

Whether it’s in the guise of being a bestie, a parent, a child, a confidante…there really are some lines which should be left alone. Obliterating them in the name of relationships, good intent or even love isn’t always a reason that will fly or even work as a rationale.

As I grow older I realize this more and more every day…people no matter *how* gregarious, *how* lively and open-hearted  someone might be; people do really like having things their own way.  It doesn’t mean that they are dictatorial in their approach or that they’ll pout and sulk like a thumb-sucking two year-old till someone gives in but even the nicest people draw lines in and around their chosen type of existence in a regular basis. And no one likes the apple cart to the upset. We like a bit of disorder if it’s brought on by our own self or if it’s choreographed to be an orderly disorder. But if the disorder swiftly reaches what passes for chaos by our own yardstick, people will react; in various ways.

And there really seems to be no age limit for it. In my 30s I can see how I strain against the lines I’ve drawn for myself and against the ones drawn by those whose lives intersect with mine.

Realization can be quite heady at times. But it works just the same.

I guess all I can really do is teach MLM to hop over lines when required and to carry his personal “eraser” and not get too hemmed in by the lines he might be tempted to draw in his lifetime.



3 thoughts on “There Are Lines…

    1. Yeah the lines, while are present for a reason, shouldn’t constitute a point of no-return.

      Being an adult takes a lot out of people; am guessing. Maybe that’s why people might prefer to keep it status quo.


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