Joys Of Being A Sourpuss

Another reblog from another time... Been a long time between posts. I wanted to write but people and things kept cutting into my bloggy brainwaves and once they were gone they sulked till I came grovelling to get them back. Cognitions can be a bitch that way. You remember things you would much rather not; … Continue reading Joys Of Being A Sourpuss

The Low Down On Having Your Kids

Kids are trouble. If our parents had known that then and unless they were full of the love of humankind our existence would be voided. But this is a more realistic and non-candy floss way of looking at having kids. The making of the kids is probably the best part of the entire deal but … Continue reading The Low Down On Having Your Kids

Gym Diaries: Jelly Arms & Pokey Things

This Thursday my trainer started me out on a slightly ramped up routine. Either that means that YAY! my stamina is increasing or that I really need as much help as I can! Am sure it's a good blend of both because I do find it easier to get back into a groove without getting … Continue reading Gym Diaries: Jelly Arms & Pokey Things

Realizations: Gym Diaries

My routine for going to the gym is pretty regularized now; am happy to report. Nothing worse than a break for legitimate reasons and then feeling the pinch while trying to get back on the metaphorical horse. I realized a few things over the last week and here they are in no specific order- What … Continue reading Realizations: Gym Diaries