I want it on record that creepy crawlies aren’t my thing. I am *not* filled with the milk of human kindness and charity towards all manner of creature even if they if have a role to play in the whole scope of things.

Lizards bug me the MOST. I see one and I freeze and waves of revulsion creep up and down my body and I am told I make rather disturbed faces while I’m viewing said being.

This morning when I was emptying out the dustbins from the rooms I thought I saw some movement in one of the dustbins. Since the creepies haven’t ventured up to our apartment yet I thought it might be a moth or a fly but my spider senses tingled and I looked. And saw him (her/don’t care)-

A molting house lizard.

This is actually the after picture. I initially shivered and did my own creepy-crawly dance and then opened the window and chucked out the squatter on the window sill. I’m not soft-hearted but I didn’t want it to land on someone’s head and cause distress. I can only imagine if that’d happened to me…it’d have made some shrink rich beyond measure with me needing years of therapy and medication.

But once I threw out the lizard it struck me that it looked different from the run-of-the-mill lizards am unfortunate enough to spy and I looked closely and found it molting.

Fear be screwed I needed my camera! And with a plate of glass separating the foes and me with the additional protection of my camera lens, I was able to put aside my animosity for a few minutes and took these-




But now that the moment’s passed I want it to be known again that armistice has been revoked and house lizards are again marked for death; by my henchpeople!