a stitch in time would have SO helped

An old “patient” of mine got back in touch with me after a long while. The reason patient is in quotes is because I never counselled him face to face. He had gone to USA to study and had a depressive episode there. He tried to get in touch with the shrinks in USA but he didnt have his medical insurance there and they werent able to get a proper handle on his family dynamics and this boy just slipped into a bad state. 
To make things worse he already had a case of
endogenous depression and was a Marfan to boot!
. Not a good combo when your self-esteem and image in below-zero. 
This is the kind of rigmarole we used to go tbrough- his father would come and meet the shrink I was working with. The shrink would prescibe meds and write out various possibilities which would lead to alteration of meds and how to tackle them. The father would then courier the entire bunch of meds to USA and the son would take them and try to come to terms with his malaise.
Now the best thing in his case would have been that he go to a doc of Indian origin but Gujju bhais being who and what they are, decided to save money for the car and not go in for therapy. And deeper he went into depression with OC features clouding up the horizon.

Finally a long-distance therapy was proposed wherein via email and phonecalls we’d try to tackle the more serious of his problems while the meds would work out the rest. I’d recommended to his father that he has a better chance of recovering and succeeding in life back home, but they weren’t up for it.

Today I get an SOS offliner on yahoo saying he needs help, he’ll do whatever I say ought to be done but to not abandon him. Jesus! I was thinking that maybe a lot of money might have gone waste but atleast he would probably have regained his original functionaliry by now. Inside he’s suffered major setbacks because of his symptoms and based on what he’d written the OCD is pretty much well set to become a full-fledged co-morbidity on its own.
Oye ve!

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