saw the movie sarkar last nite. it was more tautly made than a lot of the movies being churned out by the dozen in bollywood but somewhere along the line it’s become mandatory for an actor to be recognized in a “serious” kind of a role by getting an intense brooding look, bloodshot eyes and trying to get their eyes to do all the talking and basically ‘non-verbal communication rules’ kinda thing! there’s also a nerve that has to keep ticking in either the forehead or along their jaw for the audience to know that the actor is under stress of experiencing an intense kinda emotion. so ultimately along with the stereotypical dialogues we now have a limited repertoire of stereotypical body language that is supposed to be deployed in the case of a serious movie…i wish for once someone would watch learn from people like harvey keitel, holly hunter, susan sarandon instead of just ‘trying’ to be method actors based on roles which have made people famous in the mainstream!