book review

just finished the new potter book. got up at what’s effectively the crack of dawn for me, to go and queue up for it along with kiddies who were giving me ‘looks’.

it maybe all fantasy, magicking an whatnots but it’s written beautifully. this woman has a flair for making the most bizarre things come alive in front of your eyes and the situations depicted are fantastic only as far as the fantasy elements so, else it’s a tale everyone can relate to…the coming on age, the realisation of one’s abilities, the potentials yet untapped, the falling in love, or falling in like with that particular someone, or the Aha! experience when you realise your inclination towards someone…i guess i’m more focussed on the personal front becoz harry finally gets a semblance of a social life together in this book.

i’ve been reading harry potter for a while now, though i was a late bloomer in terms of being a potterati, and jk rowling’s chronicled his entire life in front of her reader’s eyes and each new book entails a trip down memory lane-where we were when harry was getting into his last hair raising escapade et al…

for those not disdainful of reading fantasy-related stuff, pick up this book asap! it’s well worth the delve into it’s pages.



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