it’s about to start raining again in a lil while…very unnatural for this time of the year in hyd’bad, or so the natives tell me. all around me lie wadded up tissue papers and the saigon kick is drowned out by my mom shouting at me to take the medicine already or to stop sneezing/coughing/moaning like i’m on my deathbed.
have been erred against in the worst possible way or in the warust ( as uttered by my boss) way by my office people. first they get me exposed to the sniffling-wheezing-phlegmy people of the city and then burden me with the most god-awful and bitter medicine known to man. what i wudnt give for the apothecary of yore to just grind up some herbs for me to gulp down right about now.
the significant one is at the movies while i sniffle here-a black mark that will be brought up in arguments when i’m feeling blah and have no other legitimate rebuttal to back up on.
S-I-G-H! the mater has caught up on me and is advancing with the spoon outstretched and the viscous syrup sloshing around in a vile manner. NOTE-she doesnt even spill one measly drop! curses!

PS:imbruglia’s “shiver” just came on. is this a harbinger of worse antibiotics to follow…..?

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