parents are the silliest people!!!

the last 2 days have been quite a lot of fun. reason? took my parents shopping. it went something like this-Me-ma why are you eyeing that suit ka kapda? you want it?Ma-na re. expensive and i dont really need it now( eyeing it summore)Me-mum! stop ogling it already and take it.Ma-noooo. i dont need it … Continue reading parents are the silliest people!!!


insipid movie!!!

Saw Pride and Prejudice a few nights ago. the best thing about the experience was the movie hall which was EXTREMELY comfortable and a total makeout haven in the dark....alas, mataji had accompanied me.Having seen  the BBC miniseries of P'n'P a few years ago I was duly biased and totally hot for Colin Firth's Darcy and … Continue reading insipid movie!!!