growing viciousness

It’s a sad day when news of rape and crimes against women gain centerstage in the print and electronic media. Today’s TOI features the story of the german national who was allegedly raped by an MP’s son in Jaipur.
While this is yet to be proved, of late the frequency with which these crimes get reported against Indian women themselves bares more scrutiny than that is being given.
The Pratibha case in Bangalore, Priyadarshini Mattoo and list is sadly,endless.
While this isnt an indictment per se, but there have more than occasion where I have personally seen men and boys from all walks of life who feel that women and girls who have been abroad have “been around” are “bold” and are generally more willing to put out at the drop of a pin!
This kind of cavemannish attitude is not only medieval but so far off the mark as to make one gawk in disbelief!
While people abroad are generally more expressive and permissive in terms of how they choose to live their lives and who they choose to live it, it doesnt automatically make them bereft of all morals,ethics and basically give them no leave to choose to say yes or no.
This kind of fallacy makes those particular men swagger,hit on women in the crudest way possible and make the most insulting kind of propositions! It’s an utter,utter shame and shows the kind of spiralling downward trend which is frightening to behold and a blot on the face of any kind of society and nation!
I honestly hope that this man who has been accused of the crime is innocent but if DNA and other evidences prove otherwise…i hope he is neutered! Someone has to be made an example of, let him be the one. Like Gilbert and Sullivan said….”let the punishment fit the crime”.


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