insipid movie!!!

Saw Pride and Prejudice a few nights ago. the best thing about the experience was the movie hall which was EXTREMELY comfortable and a total makeout haven in the dark….alas, mataji had accompanied me.
Having seen  the BBC miniseries of P’n’P a few years ago I was duly biased and totally hot for Colin Firth’s Darcy and CF himself.

This movie was droll,abrupt-ish and while the scenes and the background music were beautifully apt, overall it was kind of a wasted effort because it didnt really have life.
Knightley was at best pretty and mouthed her lines well, she had none of Elizabeth’s fire and composure and grit. Why in god’s name was she nominated for an Oscar of all things still escapes me.
The guy who played Darcy did his best to be tactiturn but ended up being expressionless at best. His voice was the best he had going for him.
Sutherland as the whimsical and cynical father was somewhat appropriately cast but the best of the lot was Mrs.Bennett, who came across just as greedy,grabbing,somewhat misunderstood and full of parochial flavor as Austen had created her to be.

The thing with a book like P’n’P is that it’s a comment on life which is true even today. You need people who are alive even though they maybe enacting characters who by themselves are inconspicuous or colorless.
Movie makers have a long way to go before they succeed in breaching the benchmark created by the BBC people. Now THAT was perfection!


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