range barse! magar kahi aur :o(

I cant begin to say how perfectly annoying it is,that while i’m stuck at work people are revelling in mercury-based colors and generally having a good time!
My foofa called up to wish me on holi and wanted to know how much bhaang I had downed. If he only knew…I was facing an irate MD and cringing while he scratched himself resplendently and told off a few of us all in one go! The man has multi-tasking down pat!
But there’s actually more to holi than the gujiyas and the colors and aiming water-balloons at unsuspecting people, especially those who’ve just cleaned themselves up and are back in dry clothes! It also about those stubborn colors which take weeks on end to scrub off, it’s about digging a pit and tossing people in muddy waters and i could go on. Sadly enough, i have to spend this day in an antiseptic,thorougly clean manner. Life SUX!!! :o(