pathos under the bathroom window

there’s a small ledge-like projection outside my bathroom window and a host of pigeons( who, i’ve discovered, are the stupidest birds on the planet) make their nests there throughout the year.
anyhow the bhaiyya who works in our house came to tell me that one of the baby birds had fallen out, AGAIN. we all rushed out post-haste and i was given the job of keeping the neighborhood cat off the premises. i knew about cats having 9 lives but this one has 6th sense i swear it!
there was a huge operation mounted to get the tallest step ladder we could find and get the bird back on the very same ledge he/she had fallen from so he/she could live to see another day and maybe have another fall when the lil birdie just got really quiet and bas…khatam…
dumb birds! every other day their eggs will fall down, they barely have enough space to mush together on that ledge and get scared shitless everytime the bathroom light comes on….so many trees to choose from where they could be hidden from garfield but NO! i get suicidal birds in my house. ai ai ai yai ai!

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