never knew i’d turn out to be this kind of a hypocrite. 
there’s a patient of my hospital who’s undergoing a liver transplant right now and this man is ANNOYING to say the least!
i’ve tried to avoid talking to him for long on the fone, or at all since he blabbers away to glory and doesnt care if it’s your dime or his even on std calls!
of course he’s a doctor and a surgeon to boot, which explains the ego trips. anyhoo, today he was humble,modest and when his family members cudnt come in time to see him before the surgery he was so upset and was thanking me and my colleague profusely for all that we’d done for him. 
at that moment i thought he was so paavam and all in all, NOT such a pill after all.
i hate turning into a softy in my old age! :o(


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