Breakfast Conversations On A Sunday

After a slightly longer than usual week where TO tested positive and then negative for Covid; we are back to enjoying family time around the dining table. And it feels great! It’s lovely hearing him prattle along where I can share those amused side-eye glances with Red instead of the three of us being in different parts of the house and staying apart out of necessity.

Everything from triple-decker sandwiches to Elon Musk to mutation gets discussed if TO is game and if Red’s in the mood to indulge in curiosity; which he usually is. I usually eat when I sit at the dining table and my mouth doesn’t open for much else.

Eating Hungry GIF - Eating Hungry Starving - Discover & Share GIFs

Speaking of Mr.Musk, his latest announcement (read it here) was being discussed at the table when TO said it was both illegal and dangerous. When Red tried to tell him how it might be beneficial, TO said he thought people who put things in other peoples’ heads were the “M-word”. He actually said it as the “M-word”.

Now this is where a bit of a backstory is needed. I’m an ok driver. I’m not so much of an ok-curser. I curse. In 3 languages no less depending upon the mood I’m in and SADLY on many of those occasions, an impressionable but thankfully distractible child has been sitting behind me and has absorbed quite a few of those choice words.

Let it be known that the same child still has to be told a million times about where his dirty clothes ought to go or why the sticky peanut buttered-spoon shouldn’t end up on the sofa upholstery but when his mother questions someone’s parentage or expresses her views on where a person can take their turn signal and how far up they can stick it up a body cavity; his ears become like this-

Anyhoo, with TO dropping something akin to a potential A-bomb (for me) at the dining table, Red and I asked him uber casually what he thought the “M-word” was and my heart sprouted wings and flew away when he mouthed the word- MORON.

Thank you Galactic Ameba…I still have more time left before Red dishes out one of these looks at me again-

Johnny English - What Is Wrong With You GIF by MikeyMo | Gfycat

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