Mother-Son Bloglet

Snippets from a conversation with TO a few minutes ago:” Why should there be spit in your eyes? If eyes were meant to have spit, they’d be by the side of your mouth and not further up your face!”

The Strategic Mom

Any mother will tell you that manipulation is a bedrock of parenting. Sometimes we manipulate the little rugrats and quite a few times they manipulate us successfully and store that away for future reference of what works on the life-givers. This is what works with T.O quite well: If I need him to do something … More The Strategic Mom

Cabin Fever Blog#2

This morning started off as most mornings do these days…quietly. Spoke to the bestie who’s doing her own lockdown in a different continent and waited for the calm of the morning to be broken once TO got up. And it did. Excuse the segue here but I fail to understand how people can say “bachchey … More Cabin Fever Blog#2

Cabin Fever Bloglet#2

You find toothpaste on the ceiling of your bathroom/top of the shower cubicle and pretty much everywhere but on the toothbrush. You see animal figurines appearing in laundry baskets, inners, the fridge and also the vegetable baskets. The little hooman hides the remote in his school backpack as payback for switching the telly off. There’s … More Cabin Fever Bloglet#2

Pain In The Donkey

One massive problem I face about having kids is that you need to filter, moderate, exercise judgement before speaking. It’s not enough that your flesh and blood can get under your skin enough to make you throw a hissy fit at the ripe old age of 40 but they bring out the big guns- obstinance … More Pain In The Donkey