Pool Time Tales

I had completely forgotten what it was like to take a 5-year-old swimming. But, as it is with all things related to kids, it all comes back to you with a bang! TO has always been fairly independent when it comes to things he likes to do. He shucked his floaties quickly and was frolicking … Continue reading Pool Time Tales


Accurate But Politically Incorrect

TO is learning about genetics and most things associated with them. I'm ashamed to say that barring being familiar with terms, I can't recollect the definition without looking it up and most times I look them up with a keywords "for dummies" because they have the easiest definitions to understand. Unless I understand them properly, … Continue reading Accurate But Politically Incorrect

Conversations Over A Hot Stove

A little while ago when I was in the middle of cooking the chicken curry for today's lunch, TO came to get a hug. Now a hot and sweaty person usually runs as far away from being held as possible. Especially more so when she's doing the taste checks for a new recipe she decided … Continue reading Conversations Over A Hot Stove