Pool Time Tales

I had completely forgotten what it was like to take a 5-year-old swimming. But, as it is with all things related to kids, it all comes back to you with a bang!

TO has always been fairly independent when it comes to things he likes to do. He shucked his floaties quickly and was frolicking in the big pool before first grade. Watching him was a delight. Being called a whale who had to give him rides on her back; not so much.

My latest 5-year-old decided that she was going to be a pink shark courtesy her pink swim suit. When being a shark wasn’t glamorous enough, she decided that she was going to be a mermaid and perch herself on the pool ledge, splash her legs in the water while she had everyone notice her and say hello.

But needs must and she also wanted to hoot and holler in the pool. Guess who was deputed to be the hungry shark who had to come and try to eat her while she was being a dainty mermaid princess.

Clear instructions were given on how I was supposed to growl and scare her. By this stage TO couldn’t stop himself from displaying his superior animal knowledge and told her that sharks didn’t growl which didn’t sit well with the mermaid princess (a.k.a Ariel) at all. She promptly told TO that if he didn’t become a shark and try to eat her, she would turn into Elsa and freeze everyone in the water.

Once those ultimatums are given there’s only one thing to be done…belly crawl along in 2 feet of water and pretend to be a hungry shark who gets zapped by the magic of a mermaid princess.

P.S: While the said 5-year-old was figuring out if she wanted to if she wanted to be a shark or a princess, she was given a piggyback ride on a whale while being pursued by a shark in the big pool. From 2015 to 2023, this whale has come full circle…bliss!


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