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Guilt-Free Goa

We have our own version of Vegas in India…G-O-A…what happens in Goa stays in Goa and Goa seems to be built for everything you’d do while you’re away from home, boundaries, restrictions and the humdrum of the everyday. How else … Continue reading

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Kiddy Movie Reco: Turbo

We LOVE animated movies in this household. Especially about all sorts of creatures you normally wouldn’t encounter in your day to day life or even if you did, you wouldn’t give them a second thought. Turbo falls into the second … Continue reading

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Movie Review-Captain America: Civil War

It’s been AGES since I saw a movie on the same day it released. Probably not since 04 but then that’s too far into the past for me to dredge up the when and wherefores. I generally enjoy the offerings … Continue reading

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Reflections On A Sunday…Yet Again

After a long while I had a lot of space. A LOT. I mean driving-alone-on-a-fairly-secluded-road-with-not-too-many-people-around or too-far-behind-in the-mirror-kind-of-space. And I just took in the solitude along with the car freshner smell and realized: It is SO important to have some … Continue reading

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2014: A Retrospective of Movies

I look back at 2014 and realize it’s not been bad at all movie-wise.

Read on… Continue reading

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WE finally take a proper holiday and do nothing in particular. Bliss! Continue reading

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Reblogged: Marking Territory

Everywhere I look, I sit the offspring’s presence prevails. The jar of Gummybears are usually within hand’s reach although with the child-proof caps it’s still a bit in our control when we want to hand the bears over. There are … Continue reading

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