Declutter: Why It’s Hard To Do

In the world that Marie Kondo rules (in a manner of speaking), decluttering isn’t merely something to be done; it can become a family activity of sorts while setting you free. Free from disarray, free from decisions about what goes where and why and ultimately free to move around your own space and feel good.

So while my home doesn’t look like a hurricane hit it, neither does it give that sense of things being where they need to be. It’s become more of a “let things be spread all around so I can pick up whatever I need while doing a walkthrough.

My biggest decluttering challenge is about how to throw things out responsibly. I have been actively moving onto items which can be reused or repurposed but with the things that absolutely need to go; I’m drawing a blank.

I would be perfectly within my rights to take a couple of packing boxes and dump whatever I don’t want or need out in the hallway for the housekeeping staff to take away. But their responsibility ends with taking out the trash to yet another location. Where does it go from there?

When it comes to my child’s things- clothes, toys, stationery…pretty much everything can and has found a home in the past.

But when it comes to household items, it’s tough to find a solution am entirely comfortable with unless I do my version of a rummage sale- and I probably will resort to it sometime soon for the sake of my sanity.

Living in a space for over 10 years allows for a lot of things to pile up. And when you live in an apartment, you keep things stacked one on top of another because you don’t always have the benefit of a basement, an attic or even a garage to keep miscellaneous things in.

Just the other day when I whipped myself into a frenzy and started to compile a list of excesses, I realized that I honestly don’t need more than 10-12 pieces of cooking utensils, 1-2 dinner service sets and cutlery.

What are some things we hold onto without much need? What are things you are loath to but must give away? What are things you can’t give away fast enough?


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