All Roads Lead To…

Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir! Read about the place here.

Ever since the papers published news of a newly inaugurated reservoir in the outskirts of the city, hordes of Hyderabadis have been heading out with with that target in mind- Kondapochamma Sagar or bust!

The roads were a veritable showroom of SUVs and MUVs all the way up and down the reservoirs..

And since it had been well over a month that we had stepped out as a family, we decided to see what the fuss about all about and took off yesterday in the pouring rains, with some (unhealthy) snacks for TO, some (proper) lunch for us three and loads of music.

Some could call the day dreary but the three of us liked it quite a bit. With lush greenery on both sides of the road and a fine mist all around, it was soothing and clean with the rains washing away all the dust and grime that piles up. And in this weather, some sights stand out more than others…

Mandatory family picture…
Shivering in the cold rains…

We saw some sights, munched on snacks, gave TO the stink-eye for wanting too much junk food and enjoyed the cold rain. I would choose rain over being indoors and worrying about the state of the world anyway! Happy weekend people. Go out and take a break…we’ll have enough time to come back and ponder upon the whys and wherefores in the months to come!

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