movie review-omkara

Hyperbole killed the fun. 
The movie was definitely NOT usual bollywood fare. But the over-enthusiastic responses that I’d  got from my pals had made me so agog. too agog I think.
These are the things that I was thinking while watching it-
1)Who told Ajay Devgan that being monosyllabic was the way to establish that you’re the serious type and are all business?

2)Why was Ajay walking around like he had a major hardon? The man couldn’t walk straight in any scene in the movie?

3)Why did people go blue in the face talking about the gaali-factor of the movie? Anyone who knows UPites, Haryanvis, Delhites will know that the profanities have been worked into the script to preserve it’s natural tone. It definitely was not over the top.

4)Kareena looks innocent when she cries, but playing a deglamed role doesn’t necessarily constitute acting per se. She should stick to the “Poo” roles. She was born to be fluffy-headed.

5)Vivek Oberoi honestly didn’t have a role. But being associated with this kind of a line-up will give a boost in his excuse for a film career.

6)Saif- the man has gone through a total metamorphosis since his initial days as a second lead. He can adapt, get into the skin of the character and delivers a very credible performance.

7)The man of the moment- Vishal Bhardwarj. Few people can make the transition from a music director to a film director and churn out fare that people have to chew before being able to appreciate the taste. His isn’t the stuff that you can chug down straightaway. His series on Shakespeare and the delightful Makdee just goes to show that there are no limits on creativity at all!

This movie is worth a looksee just for the music and also to see what a “different” and good Hindi movie looks like.


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