back on track…

-with the kinds of ups&downs that had been happening of late, this weekend came as a breath (read gust) of fresh air.
-caught up with a good friend after a loong time and we kinda started to put wonky stuff in our relationship right. it’s still kinda wobbly but not prostrated so hurrah!!
-have been told definitely by the powers that be that i will not have to travel to the jungles of s’pally for this sem atleast and will have to take classes and labs for the seniors at a location very conveniently located near the ol’ homestead and other places of debauchery!!
-downloaded a NOICE pic of brandon routh (yeah i know, schoolgirl crush and all that jazz) and it’s got a total monalisa thing going for it. no matter which part of my room i move to, brandon keeps looking at me with that look and it’s quite a “look” if you know what i mean…
speaking of the ol’ gal (mrs.lisa), the movie surrounding her creator is a total and complete DUD! someone from k’la sent me a cd…bhagwan jaaney kahan se copy kiya tha…but the bad print was the only good thing in the movie. tom hanks is WOODEN to the extent he can portray an entire redwood forest and ms.tatou is french with a vengeance but la femme is tres dull and listeless and seems so woolly-headed you wonder how she studies for the part of being a cryptologist.
ian, ian, ian…baby you shudda lived out the rest of your life resting on your laurels playing gandalf….he cant even do the role of a snooty brit guy for crying out loud!!
rated this movie an ‘all digits down”!!
you know, i realised that today’s been so chipper-inducing because man(&woman) and nature came together to create the perfect sawaan ki ghata and the kind of camaraderie that seldom happens and when it does, it kind of lasts for the entire duration of the day and kind of gives impetus to everything that comes into it’s ambit.
am i happy…yeah…good start to the grind ahead i guess


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