if luks cud kill, i’d be talking from beyond the grave!

got up aaram se today coz i dint have to catch the early morning bus.
came to work with ya ali blaring in the car.
got down only to find 5 colleagues who’d missed the bus and dint know when the next one would come around. their visibly brightened faces told me that yes indeedy! misery lurves company and solicits it too!
on being told yours truly would be staying put and not going on the daily tirth yatra to the boondocks, their expressions ranged from shocked in grief,J and sly looks. and i cudda sworn there were some teeth gnashing while i left them there and headed up the steps.

so here i am,the 3rd sem kids about to descend at any moment and i’ll be putting on my no-nonsense and i know it all looks and hoping that they’ll buy it!


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