blotchy me!!

eeeks! was what i uttered when i saw myself in the mirror.
normally that doesnt happen. am practically narcissus’ sis on many days, truth be told.
anyhoo, had a meeting with a guy in 5 mins and the mirror showed me as blotch-infested and lips looked grey and hair all dull&discolored!
was about to go to the doctor for an assessment for “chickun-gunya” when i a colleague came in and said i was looking nice. and then it hit me, the lights were all wrong coz this usually dressed to the nines woman looked like she was wearing a burlap sack and her face was at best slaty in color.
ran down to the caretakers and made them change the bulb. when they asked what they were gonna do with now-redundant one, i said put it in the mens’ room. wont they get a surprise when they start to check out their…..ah, let’s leave it at that!
about the chickun gunya. had a hearty laff over it. coz it turns out that the gunya part is a mispronunciation of the word guinea. and all this time i kept thinking it was a gulti term for the disease! the doc went to the extent of telling me about gunya pigs and papua new gunya and all that jazz.


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