never will i understand people!

the lady who works for us is a muslim. she’s been abandoned by her hubby (who is a cousin of her’s) to go marry some other woman and raise a bunch of kids with her. oh, did i mention this is after he had 5 kids with our lady.
anyhow,he’s totally absented himself from the lives of her and their children for the past many years. so on this poor woman falls the duty of getting the daughters married and doing the “right” things by her kids aka duniyadaari,dowry and all that jazz.
around a year ago she got her eldest daughter (all of 18) married to her own elder sister’s son. this was done as helpful relatives advised her she could forgo giving a dowry and her daughter would effectively be going to a second mother’s house as ma=maasi.

today she came in crying and told ma that her nephew/son-in-law’s been beating her daughter for not getting adequate dowry and ergo lowering his status in the kind of esteemed society they live in. and when our lady approached her sister to intervene, the lady turned on her and said,”mard insaan hai..haath toh uthaayega hi aur tuney kuchh khaas diya bhi toh nahin thaa”. 
this poor woman wandered through our house in a daze today and quite understandbly could not do any work at all. finally after a lot of consultations she’s decided to bring her daughter home along with the infant granddaughter.
honestly, it’s getting tougher day by day to draw the line. there can be such malicious people around at times that i feel to hell with giving those ch**tiyas another chance! just kick ’em in the nuts hard and leave!!! and as for the chudail saas/mausi…she can just go stand in front of a running train. 
what’s to become of them now? and nothing against the community because the socio-economic strata they belong to basically doesnt believe in educating the girl child much- the young girl is saddled with an infant and no skills to speak of. going out to work is unthinkable for her.
f***ing bhadva of a pati of hers!!


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