la la la….

last few nights have been F-U-N!! caught up with some pals of yore, watched all 6 cds of the bbc P&P and got quite a bit of work done too.
was QUITE bright-eyed and bushy-haired today morning on route to work when a saw a gang of confused ladies (aka chhakkas) standing with an air of waiting for curtain calls…
i dunno if it’s the hyderabadi air but whenever there’s a shooting-even of a tuchchaa type, there are always chhakkas waiting to get into the fray here. at b’bay and other places they are too busy exhorting moolah from people and cursing them with emasculation if they dont pay up the demanded amount!
here, they were waiting with a prima donna air and they air kissed each other each time the casting people or the movie looked at them…
as good a way of catching people’s eye as any i guess…


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