Pirates of the Caribbean-II

Been waiting for this movie since I saw the 1st one-kind of a long wait truth be told but it was worth it. In parts i.e. Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow. With his kohl-lined eyes, the now you see it, now you dont kind of smiles and the entire gamut of expressions that he goes through, is reason enough to see the movie.
Now these are reasons why it’s still a let down in places-
* Orlando Bloom may have a nice jawline and flawless skin but he’ll pretty much always be the pretty boy. He had more lines this time around but screen presence cannot be created unless it exists to begin with. His eye candy status will see him through his movie career but it’ll pretty much be a case of “close but no cigar for him”. Significantly less pansyish in the sequel but he fails to impress.

*Keira!!! Heaven deliver us from hamming females with no bosoms! She is pretty, but that’s all she is. Wonder why someone would agree to do a bit part in a sequel…oh wait..tons of money. What was I thinking?!

*Davy Jones– I will certainly think twice about downing calamari and sea-food from now onwards that’s for sure! But when you think about the typical kind of representations of the devil or even evil on celluliod, then the idea of a octopus-faced sea devil is truly novel. And the idea works.
POTC-II though quite enjoyable, kind of hangs in certain places and no dearth of animatronics and barnacle-encrusted seadogs can save it from being so.
Depp reminded me throughout of Jeremy Brett in this movie with his fleeting grins and off the cuff remarks. The same way Brett was Holmes, Depp is Sparrow and I can’t wait for the 2nd sequel. 
You dont bring back Hector Barbossa and not have a scalawaggy time of it, do you?

All critiques aside, this movie is FUN, and is enjoyable purely on that account alone.


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