For this bounty that we are to receive, we give thanks. Amen!

I had to go out for some work so I took an extended lunch-break during which I ate zilch but had these desserts instead.
I got the remaining 2 books in Green Gable series (yay!).
Also got the set of Emily books. (dunno if it’s yay material yet, just bought it coz I like the Anne series).
Then moved onto The Stand (YESS!!), The Great Gatsby, The Color Purple (!!), The Amityville Horror(!!!), The Omen( praise the lord..or not) and the best part…found a book I’d read last in 4th grade. The Witch of Blackbird Pond
All that flashed in my mind when I saw that book was my elementary school, the nook I had for reading books and the scholastic bookclub we’d order books from every month.
I dimly remember that I had a favorablish opinion about the book back then (SIGH…it was nearly 2 decades ago) and so this one I bought for pure nostalgia.
Even that nagging headache from the morning doesn’t seem so bad….


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