mercy me!

Y’day evening I went to a deli-cum-bakery with a friend and we were wondering what to chomp on when the officious waiter came over. The brief interaction with him is as follows- 

Me- what is this?
Friend-looks like a quiche. Is this a quiche?
Waiter- Umm, no Sir, it’s pie.
M-hmm, those wedges look nice, wanna try some.
F- they look more like pies to me. i wouldnt mind the quiche-thing.
M-what’s in these erm…pies?
W-(pointing to the same thing each time) that’s chicken, that’s lamb, that’s veg.
M-hmm, let’s try this again….WHAT IS THE FILLING IN THESE THINGS?
W-Ma’am, it’s P-I-E.

We opted for a pineapple pastry.

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