limping back to normalcy.
got in touch with some of my friends pretty late in the night and felt somewhat comforted by it.
had been caught in a similar situation myself pretty much around the same time in 2003. Not a good thing to be in. There are lock-downs, you cannot get in touch with anyone, neither can anyone get to you. you might as well be as island for the amount of communication you can indulge in.
but seeing the news today morning made me feel better but only to some extent. how long will these things go on? my mom was supposed to be in and around srinagar at this time. had fought with her not to go on the amarnath trip after one of the routes on their agenda had several incidences of bombs being chucked into the tourist buses. am relieved over that i must say!
are we secure anywhere? the trains have been suspended between gujarat and b’bay for the time being. i heard from a friend that even places in hyd’bad are on alert.
these incidents are the perfect breeding grounds for fear psychoses.
why not just have a referendum and just let Kashmir be free? then they can squabble amongst themselves and even kill themselves if need be but we wont be in the picture. not entirely.
i mean, how much does it pinch us when there are car bombs exploding in palestine? not much anymore because it’s practically a part of their staple diet now. but when things happen in our own country it’s tantamount to trouble coming home to roost.
blah!! still have a bad taste in my mouth…