8 years since MCC

8 years ago, 5 girls got acquainted at MCC B’lore and took to each other like ducks to water. They weren’t the starry-eyed FOTB at college but the kind of crowd they saw at MCC did make them think, “oh wow!”. 
Time went by, endless cups of coffee were shared at Chechi’s canteen. Chechi had long stopped being Chechi but she was handed down to each new batch in her same avatar.
They devised schedules, where 3 of them slept in class and the other 2 diligently took notes. They had some credos to live by too- always make sure the friend gets to have her hurrahs while in college, make sure the Christ College  and St.Joseph’s men are marked out in a crowd, never let men come in between us, be each others’ alibis when lying to the parents and generally embody the vitamin c song.
And it worked! whether it was to hog on totapuris outside the college gates, ragging the poor menfolks who ventured into MCC, pooling money together to have gobi manchurian at Pandu’s and being united against the forces of evil profs, life was going very well indeed!

Then came the men. They went away also but left each one a little bit wiser, happier, more alert, choosier, more cynical and more than anything else…hungry for more!! 
The english litt classes were for pontificating on the nuances, the psycho classes were for experimenting and the journo classes were to make fun of the inept teachers who had dared to brave the first years and hadnt learnt their lesson in the 3 years that we were their burdens.

Trouble came too. splitting the group in its wake. But the 2 factions always kept mum about the rift and airing it out in public was unthinkable. We did our bitching in private, thank you very much! 
And so it continued, 5  friends (now 2+3), each an inseparable part of each others’ lives and families, knowing when to be all girly, knowing when to say “be a man”, an integral part of each others’ families and more importantly a catalyst in those years when we come into our own.
3 of those girls are now married,  with 1 contemplating divorce, one about to elope any day and one meandering through life still thinking if she can give up men altogether.
What holds them together? Why the bitching years at college of course!
Happy 8th guys!

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