chaandi raat. tum, main aur himmesh?!!

it was a NICE nite. still is as a matter of fact.
x&y walked along the pavement,hands gently nudging,content in their silence.
they spent a few precious moments under the shade of a tree whose boughs were swaying in the breeze…tres romantique!
yes it was.
they stopped an auto and got in…the dark interiors shielding them from the outside world, the jarring horns, the racing cars what not!
they leant towards each other, hands clasped and then it happened! HIMMESH burst out from the LOUD (and i mean loud) speakers of the auto and totally scared the pants of them both!!
ah, young love!
 fuelled by the nasal, help-my-nuts-are-in-a-vice-that’s-why-i-sing-like-this kinda voiced HR…cupid’s arrows struck bang on target. in the gullet!
if they each seemed a wee bit shaken when they parted from each other then ask the auto guy…he was there. he knows what did not happen although the mood was so clearly full of romance and himmesh’s songs can make anyone moonstruck!
where’s dean martin when u need him?

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