• You find yourself spouting hindi film dialogues at a person. Thankfully NOT these- “main tumhara bachchey ki maa banneywali hoon”. But more these a la the muchchhad thakurs viz” saaley!! apni haisiyat dekh!, teri aukaad kya hai?!!” along the lines of “kahan TUM aur kahan MAIN”
  •  You find NTR junior looking down at your from all the billboards in hyd’bad in his “i’m-too-sexy-for-my-shirt” kinda avatar and you hear dumb giggling girls going, “he’s chaala cute!”
  • A lil kid goes, “you’re HOW OLD? I thought you were 15!!” You get all happy thinking the youthful countenance is holding you good. But then the tot comes out with the reason behind her declaration viz” You’re like this BIG KID, coz you know about cartoons’n’stuff and you dont seem mature like the other big kids at all! and you’re not that BIG so…”  the sensation of being a deflated balloon comes very close to this one.
  • Walking into a class where you’re supposed to be assuming a serious posture and the student goes, “YOU’RE the MA’AM we’re supposed to meet?” You get by only with the supercilious sneer and the promise of the marks you hold in your hand and those which he cant afford to lose.

Aye, tis a sad, sad day indeed laddie….