Reflections On A Sunday Night

I love Hyderabad. It’s the only place I’ve wanted to and been able to, put down roots. I thought I might have wanted to live in a few other places over the years, but this is the place where my wandering finally stopped.

Been here over 10 years now and this place is home although I’ve yet to see, experience and get to know much more of it.

Our apartment has a utility area where my dish washing takes place. The place is in a corner and gets a helluva lot of breeze. I actually don’t mind washing the dishes the day the help doesn’t come in. During the day I get to see the birds fly by, occasionally hear the peacocks and frogs (monsoon season though) and during the nights, the breeze, the twinkling stars…erm the lights of the city made hazy with the smog make for quite a romantic ambiance in my mind.

Tonight it was even more so. It’s lightly drizzling now and the wind kept whipping the water droplets onto my face while I scrubbed the grease off the utensils and stacked them up for tomorrow’s wash. My part of the town is rather dark now with the lights having gone out quite some time back and the office buildings appearing like silhouettes in the distance, with the dim reflections of the lights thrown on them. It’s not dreary although it is dark…it’s actually quite lovely in its own way.

While I romanticize with my dish pan hands, my brat sleeps next to me with his mouth slightly open, giving him a really goofy but placid look. My husband is no doubt looking at geeky stuff on his tablet while he blows on his Maggi to cool it down and I’m sitting in my room with a smile on my face because life is just SO nice right now.

Good night all 🙂

coming back full circle

Had a lovely time with the mater and pater today. After a long, long while my dad was available without the phone ringing off the hook, files piling up and all the blah stuff that consumes post-middleaged execs.
Anyhow, we took a trip together and it turned out to be a memorable day in the family chronicles.
The gist of which is this- during lunch, something seemingly innocuous happened and my parents looked at each other and burst out laughning. Loudly!
It seems that when I was a cute lil tot, my mom would ask my dad to make sure I drank all my milk. Naturally, that did not occur. So he would wheedle, bug, threaten me until I drank and few sips and finish off the rest himself and tell my mom he’d got the job done! All because he couldn’t stave off his impatience.
Today, i was toying with my beer and writing some thing out during lunch. My dad had finished off his drink and my mother was eager to make a move back for the city. He downed my beer and got up. Again trying to goad me into action. 
They both thought the same thing and burst out laughing. It seems things don’t really change all that much.
Thank goodness for that!

chaandi raat. tum, main aur himmesh?!!

it was a NICE nite. still is as a matter of fact.
x&y walked along the pavement,hands gently nudging,content in their silence.
they spent a few precious moments under the shade of a tree whose boughs were swaying in the breeze…tres romantique!
yes it was.
they stopped an auto and got in…the dark interiors shielding them from the outside world, the jarring horns, the racing cars what not!
they leant towards each other, hands clasped and then it happened! HIMMESH burst out from the LOUD (and i mean loud) speakers of the auto and totally scared the pants of them both!!
ah, young love!
 fuelled by the nasal, help-my-nuts-are-in-a-vice-that’s-why-i-sing-like-this kinda voiced HR…cupid’s arrows struck bang on target. in the gullet!
if they each seemed a wee bit shaken when they parted from each other then ask the auto guy…he was there. he knows what did not happen although the mood was so clearly full of romance and himmesh’s songs can make anyone moonstruck!
where’s dean martin when u need him?

8 years since MCC

8 years ago, 5 girls got acquainted at MCC B’lore and took to each other like ducks to water. They weren’t the starry-eyed FOTB at college but the kind of crowd they saw at MCC did make them think, “oh wow!”. 
Time went by, endless cups of coffee were shared at Chechi’s canteen. Chechi had long stopped being Chechi but she was handed down to each new batch in her same avatar.
They devised schedules, where 3 of them slept in class and the other 2 diligently took notes. They had some credos to live by too- always make sure the friend gets to have her hurrahs while in college, make sure the Christ College  and St.Joseph’s men are marked out in a crowd, never let men come in between us, be each others’ alibis when lying to the parents and generally embody the vitamin c song.
And it worked! whether it was to hog on totapuris outside the college gates, ragging the poor menfolks who ventured into MCC, pooling money together to have gobi manchurian at Pandu’s and being united against the forces of evil profs, life was going very well indeed!

Then came the men. They went away also but left each one a little bit wiser, happier, more alert, choosier, more cynical and more than anything else…hungry for more!! 
The english litt classes were for pontificating on the nuances, the psycho classes were for experimenting and the journo classes were to make fun of the inept teachers who had dared to brave the first years and hadnt learnt their lesson in the 3 years that we were their burdens.

Trouble came too. splitting the group in its wake. But the 2 factions always kept mum about the rift and airing it out in public was unthinkable. We did our bitching in private, thank you very much! 
And so it continued, 5  friends (now 2+3), each an inseparable part of each others’ lives and families, knowing when to be all girly, knowing when to say “be a man”, an integral part of each others’ families and more importantly a catalyst in those years when we come into our own.
3 of those girls are now married,  with 1 contemplating divorce, one about to elope any day and one meandering through life still thinking if she can give up men altogether.
What holds them together? Why the bitching years at college of course!
Happy 8th guys!

back to better days

was rooting around in my house for a duster and came across my old tapes which had got sidelined since the advent of mp3. among them was one which i rate among the best that i’ve ever heard. am talking about Meatloaf’s Welcome to the Neighborhood.

it includes amazing tracks like “amnesty’s granted”, “not a dry eye in the house(one of my utter personal favs!!!),”if this is the last kiss”…ityaadi ityaadi..

popped it while i was enroute to work and had an amazing drive down the same mundane roads. somethings are classic!

hedonistic weekend

this past weekend was something that was in the making a long long time but it was well worth the wait for all the memories that got created(reddy garu try not to mangle the word this time?).
my favorite patthar in the whole world had come down from b’lore to hold a session amongst us lesser mortal-LJers and the ensuing chain of events was totally out of a slapstick movie!
the cruising the streets,while ‘searching for continents and islands in oceania’ and some squishy backseat fun with a badly harassed dolphin and neutering someone at scrabble…the past few days have been nothing short of perfection!