Reflections On A Sunday Night

I love Hyderabad. It’s the only place I’ve wanted to and been able to, put down roots. I thought I might have wanted to live in a few other places over the years, but this is the place where my wandering finally stopped.

Been here over 10 years now and this place is home although I’ve yet to see, experience and get to know much more of it.

Our apartment has a utility area where my dish washing takes place. The place is in a corner and gets a helluva lot of breeze. I actually don’t mind washing the dishes the day the help doesn’t come in. During the day I get to see the birds fly by, occasionally hear the peacocks and frogs (monsoon season though) and during the nights, the breeze, the twinkling stars…erm the lights of the city made hazy with the smog make for quite a romantic ambiance in my mind.

Tonight it was even more so. It’s lightly drizzling now and the wind kept whipping the water droplets onto my face while I scrubbed the grease off the utensils and stacked them up for tomorrow’s wash. My part of the town is rather dark now with the lights having gone out quite some time back and the office buildings appearing like silhouettes in the distance, with the dim reflections of the lights thrown on them. It’s not dreary although it is dark…it’s actually quite lovely in its own way.

While I romanticize with my dish pan hands, my brat sleeps next to me with his mouth slightly open, giving him a really goofy but placid look. My husband is no doubt looking at geeky stuff on his tablet while he blows on his Maggi to cool it down and I’m sitting in my room with a smile on my face because life is just SO nice right now.

Good night all 🙂

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