Reflections On A Sunday…Yet Again

After a long while I had a lot of space. A LOT. I mean driving-alone-on-a-fairly-secluded-road-with-not-too-many-people-around or too-far-behind-in the-mirror-kind-of-space. And I just took in the solitude along with the car freshner smell and realized:

  • It is SO important to have some totally, totally, totally alone time; away from social media, people and other living beings barring self.
  • Rabbi’s Tere Bin Sanu Soniya is a fantastic song to drive to at any time!
  • Nostalgia isn’t a bad thing. It’s not depressing or debilitating unless you wallow in it. Enjoy it and it uplifts.
  • I love Hyderabad.
  • I am not entirely *not* a morning person. A quasi-one I would say.
  • The Swift is a pretty neat car. Not only because my feet reach the pedals but the car sings at high speeds but doesn’t make you feel like it’s coming apart at the seams.
  • I really don’t like the vanilla aroma in my car. I prefer a more woodsy kind of smell. Out you go Ambipur Vanilla Bouquet!
  • It’s quite nice dropping people off. Welcoming them is better but even the drop off can be a journey…for me especially, so it’s all good.
  • I need to filter my mouth a bit more while alone since the “ch” sound comes out pretty frequently. Case in point- the lizard I saw scuttling across the hall got a no-holds barred CH****** from me.
  • I really have a thing for bullet points 🙂

Happy Sunday Peeps!

About FortunateCave

Hola! am a vertically-challenged woman who's rediscovering her mojo, groove and herself post becoming a mother..I love to blog, eat and sleep and oh! MUST READ! that in a nutshell is me..add traveling and an SLR to the mix and you have an immensely happy camper!
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