coming back full circle

Had a lovely time with the mater and pater today. After a long, long while my dad was available without the phone ringing off the hook, files piling up and all the blah stuff that consumes post-middleaged execs.
Anyhow, we took a trip together and it turned out to be a memorable day in the family chronicles.
The gist of which is this- during lunch, something seemingly innocuous happened and my parents looked at each other and burst out laughning. Loudly!
It seems that when I was a cute lil tot, my mom would ask my dad to make sure I drank all my milk. Naturally, that did not occur. So he would wheedle, bug, threaten me until I drank and few sips and finish off the rest himself and tell my mom he’d got the job done! All because he couldn’t stave off his impatience.
Today, i was toying with my beer and writing some thing out during lunch. My dad had finished off his drink and my mother was eager to make a move back for the city. He downed my beer and got up. Again trying to goad me into action. 
They both thought the same thing and burst out laughing. It seems things don’t really change all that much.
Thank goodness for that!

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