The rains brought to mind another memory from the days of rapture, hedonism and carelessness aka college days.
Four of us had planned a sleepover in one of our houses. The rains came down, the lights went off and we sat on Viji’s bed with a big candle keeping the room aglow and mugs of hot coffee keeping us warm.
See there emerge certain trends in relationships, one is a facilitator, one is a leader, one is the clown (moi) and one is a wonderer (i.e. asks questions which sets everything else in motion). Well, our wonderer didn’t let us down and let loose one of her ever-present queries viz, “Guys, how is penis pronounced?”
She was under the impression (which had been strongly fostered by her Punju science teacher) that it was pen-is and rhymed with dennis. When we all started to laugh, she got a tad bit annoyed and got determined about getting the pronunciation down pat!
So there we were, 10ish at night, 4 girls in long, sleepshirts, hair open and streaming down our backs, a candle in our midst and 4 different voices chanting “penis” at different pitches, trying to get out the perfect pronunciation. We were so earnest about it that we had totally forgotten to take into account that Viji’s Paati (granny), Taataa (grandfather) and Chittappa (uncle) were just next door and quite possibly overhearing us.
Light dawned (literally&figuratively) when Viji’s cousin called to out us from the window, saying ” I think she would have learnt the word by now, if she still hasn’t then too bad! Just stop saying “it” so many times, appa’s come here to get the car thrice and gone back because you girls kept saying penis in those weird tones!!”
OH LORD!! mortification galore! especially since dinner was yet to be had, and that too with those same people we’d driven away with our chanting.
In a way I guess we did cast a spell of sorts. We’d kept all the penis-walas away!!
And did my friend finally learn to pronounce the word? Yup she did! She threatens to cut off each mard’s penis every time she gets cheesed off with them!!