am gurling in the raaaaaaaaain!!

As opposed to singing in it.
It’s been raining whalies and ellies in hyd’bad for the past few days now and each time I look up at the sky (hoping to catch a few raindrops on my face) I end up getting the whole cloudburst treatment.
but it’s FUN!! squishing around on the muddy roads, splashing the other cars while I go to work, giving the students the EYE because they were late in the rain…good fun!!
But it’s been getting cold too. I’ve been using my fav, long-abused manipuri blanket and am getting out the flannel jammies tonight. 
They are cozy and all that but look like an overgrown tot in them ;o)
Oh well, gotta go and catch those students tracking in mud on the floor and generally doing the rain dance from mohra before i settle down with my cuppa.


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