Oh You Men!!!

I had a discussion  once with a friend of mine regarding a couple who is known to us both. 
He not only found the man to be in a wrong kind of relationship, with the absolute wrong kind of woman, he found him to be henpecked to the core!! His evidence towards the aforesaid pecking of the fowl kind (E.T.P) culminated in a diatribe against this girl who like her apartment a certain way and used to point this out to her man and often critized him for not listening to her. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back in my friend’s eye was this man having to submit himself to the “shameful” nick of “cookie”!!

The heavens above!! Surely a man who allows his woman to call him by a name anything less than butch in nature is a pansy or must be henpecked. Now we get to the fun part. When my outraged friend was frothing at the mouth about this vixen who was robbing his friend’s manhood, he very conveniently forgot the names his girl had bestowed upon him and to which he’d ALWAYS respond in a manner that’d make Pavlov wonder why he took dogs for his study instead of Man.

The names Mr.Thou-Shalt-Not-Call-Me-By-Cute-Names, would go by are as follows- Googlybear (his girl loved Monsters Inc.), Pwesshuss (his girl was deeply influenced by gollum), Chubbywubby (his girl just love to rhyme) and the list goes on. Our dear lady had a name according to the mood and situation practically and our man would look upon his beloved with undisguised love in his eyes and even sign his letters with the sobriquets bestowed upon him.

On this point being brought up, he turned a not-unbecoming shade of magenta and mumbled something to the effect of how that was different and it showed creativity and affection whereas his friend was just henpecked! With the nickname forming the crux of it all! He also accused me of trying to change the topic because I was obviously on the girl’s side and now women didn’t get what the wrong kind of name could do to a man. While he huffed and puffed and blew my house down I was still laughing about the new set of names he stands to get the next time around.

Btw, did I tell you about the one where another friend of mine let’s his girlfriend call him Mimi? 


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