the chikun got me….i think

there’s this weirdass viral fever doing the rounds in AP. something called chikungunya. it’s supposed to originate from guinea fowls ergo the “chikun” part. and gunya’s a vikriti of guinea…
anyhoo,have started the prophylactics and am staying FAAR away from the colleagues who’ve become casualties but i think i’ll succumb…lotsa symptoms already manifesting.
had weird dreams at night….was reading the anne of green gables series and had watched a weird movie called old boy at night. so the resulting dreams were an ODD juxtaposition of the innocence created by L.M.Montogomery and the freakish hell created by the Chan Woo Park.
actually, the movie wasnt bad by any stretch of the imagination. possibly i’d had different kind of expectation since i’d read the spoilers for it on wiki much before, so a side-by-side comparison was going on throughout.
i was telling a friend of mine that my notions of orientals was quite stereotypical…demure,very steeped in values and non-abrasive,non-confrontational kind of people. you know, how a yank seems brash?well orientals are the diametrical opposite of that. but their movies seem to capture all the “repressed” stuff and then some!
of course i havent watched too many of them to make this kind of a sweeping judgement but the few i’ve seen generally do address taboo topics and the latent brutality of men,with a lot of gusto.

OOOK sneezed 5 times in a row and the nose hurts! am sitting like a hobo, with a big red nose and lil balls of tissue all strewn around to commerate the night-long coughing,sneezing fits. 
maybe it’s the cough syrup,the homoeo meds and the antibiotics but have been quite sensitive to the sounds of hyd’bad waking up all around. it’s strange but there’s no doodhwala who comes at the crack of dawn here…delhi,b’bay, cal…could always remember the bihari doodhwala who’d come while it’s still dark outside to start his rounds. in most places the doodhwala serves as a wake-up call for all his customers…
ok have to go inhale some stuff, my nose is feeling like a separate entity from my bod…S-I-G-H (followed by coughing spasm…ouch)


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