ode to a wine bottle cork

Germans are known for their precision in all things. This quality has not escaped their wine corks, which have an ability to jump up like champagne corks, hit on right on the cute lil pug nose and knock out all whimsical notions out of you!!
Had spent yesterday in great leisure. Had rolled about, stretched and generally indulged myself thoroughly. It then began to seem to be that this is how things could be and should be FOREVER!!! 
See, the “F” word is very dicey. Even if you’re onto a sure thing, it can still rebound on you in the most unexpected way and make those rose-tinted glasses seem a tad bit obscuring!!
So, there I was happily opening the white wine for dinner and tra-la-laing to myself and then it happened!! RIGHT on the nose!! Literally. 
It was a very sober moi who sipped the wine and ate the dinner last night.


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